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Understanding Trade Secrets

Most businesses in today’s competitive climate rely on the talents of its employees. Employees are often undervalued as a company’s asset – that is, until they leave to join a competitor or start their own business, at which time their value is more realistically assessed.  There is no doubt former employees retain information in their [...]

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Unfair Trade Practices

Businesses in South Carolina, around the country and around the world can be found to be using unfair trade practices or unfair competition. These usually come about because companies and individuals are in fierce competition not only to survive, but to thrive in their industry. With this intense competition to get ahead, some companies will [...]

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Wrongful Termination

Do you know your rights after being wrongly fired from a job? South Carolina is often touted as a top state for doing business, namely for its labor climate as a “right-to-work” state, which really means a “right to fire” state. “Employment at will” allows employers to terminate and employee “for a good reason, bad reason [...]

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Employment Discrimination: An Overview

In South Carolina, the unfortunate reality for employees is that you can be fired for any reason at all, even without cause. Fairness is not the standard, at least not the written standard.  However, there are exceptions to at-will employment, and the primary statutory exceptions are for race, sex, age, pregnancy, and disability discrimination.  A South [...]

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Executive and Employment Contracts

Most employees do not have a written employment contract, although some do. And as non-compete agreements have become more prevalent, so have employment contracts. Generally, an employment contracts is the first resort for considering an employee’s legal rights, options and risks. In specific instances, an employee handbook can be an implied contract. Horton Law Firm [...]

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Wage and Hour Litigation

South Carolina has no state laws pertaining to overtime, meal periods or breaks. There are also no state laws mandating paid or unpaid leave or holiday pay. However, the South Carolina Wage Payment Statute requires employers to pay employees what they are promised, whether it be wages, salary, commissions, bonuses, vacation pay, or paid sick [...]

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Litigation after Traumatic Brain Injuries

Often permanent and always life-changing, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by some kind of trauma to the head. Vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, violent crimes, child abuse, workplace accidents and unsafe playgrounds are among the most common causes of traumatic brain injury. Horton Law Firm attorneys Andy Arnold and Bo Campbell serve victims and [...]

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Greenville Car Accident Lawyers

In South Carolina, getting behind the wheel of a car, or even just on the road, can be a very dangerous. Every 10 minutes someone is injured, and every 8 hours someone is killed on South Carolina roads. When you are seriously injured in a vehicle accident, you need a South Carolina car accident attorney [...]

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