The Horton Law Firm provides aggressive litigation services at a reasonable fee to individuals and businesses in the areas of contract disputes, debt collection, business and financial fraud, business torts, accounting irregularities, business dissolutions and many others. We have litigated cases in state and federal court involving shareholder oppression, (“Squeeze out”), non-compete cases, trade secrets, breach of contract, fraud, unfair trade practices and many other business torts. Our clients cannot afford to hire anything but an experienced business litigation attorney. Horton Law Firm has an experienced team of Business litigation lawyers.

In addition to litigators, we have business transactional attorneys who know the nuts and bolts of business deals, including commercial real estate transactions. Understanding balance sheets and profit and loss statements can be key to building a case. Knowing how business transactions are assembled and structured allows us to advise our clients using a variety of perspectives on a business partnership or corporation gone wrong. There is no substitute for knowledge of business and business deals.

We have helped business owners locked out of their business to recover their investments by relentlessly pursuing the culprits. Leveraging electronic discovery tools to locate fraud in accounting documents and uncovering emails which were not properly disclosed, we are able to root out attempts at fraud and oppression. When our clients are faced with injunctions which threaten the very survival of a business, we have been able to construct legal arguments to help them keep their doors open. Of course, every case is different and there are no guarantees of any outcome, but we bring the same experience, knowledge and skill set to every business dispute and lawsuit.

Finally, not all business disputes need to be settled in the courtroom. Business litigation can be expensive. Some disputes can and should be resolved with thorough preparation and legal research, skillful negotiation, and the application of business knowledge and good ole common sense. The business litigation attorneys at Greenville’s Horton Law Firm can help you negotiate a fair resolution of your dispute if one can be had, and if not, then Horton’s litigators can pursue a fair result in the courtroom.

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