The Horton Law Firm provides legal advice and representation in all family law matters such as divorce, child custody and advocacy, child support, contempt, separation agreements, pre-marital agreements, alimony, adoption, matrimonial law including distribution of assets, and all other facets of marital litigation and other family law issues. Family law has changed over the last several decades, and keeping up with those changes is important to help experienced domestic lawyers predict how the law may change in your situation. Wallace (Wally) Mullinax is the firm’s lead family law attorney.

Wally Mullinax has practiced family law in Greenville for 35 years. During his three-plus decades, he has handled hundreds of cases for good men and women who want a fair result for themselves and the best result for their children. In addition to his wealth of experience, Wally Mullinax is known for his meticulous preparation. Cases involving divorce, alimony, equitable division, child custody, and visitation are of the utmost importance to Wally just the same as for his clients. Decisions made in areas of asset division, child custody, and alimony will affect our clients and their children for the rest of their lives. There are no second chances.

And getting advice early in the process can be critical. Knowing what to do, what to look for and how your actions can affect the outcome of your family law matter is why many clients seek guidance months before a family court matter is filed. Also, social media, email, and texting are having a dramatic impact on family law litigation. Destroying information sometimes can have as big an impact as the information itself. Rarely is anything electronic completely deleted. The lawyers at Horton Law Firm can give you guidance about your situation, your use of email and text or Facebook or any other matter that might influence the outcome.

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