Greenville’s Lawyer for Bike Accidents

“Look twice, save a life” — the warning applies to everyone on the road, but none more than those riding bicycles. When a tractor trailer, 4,000-pound car or SUV collides with a bicycle, the results are catastrophic. Broken bones, brain injuries and loss of life are unfortunately all too common. Impatience, inattention, distracted driving, texting while driving, passing too closely and harassing in violation of South Carolina law results in tragic personal injuries and losses that could have easily been avoided.

Horton Law Firm has an experienced lawyer available to help bicyclists injured by the recklessness of others.

Bo Campbell

Bo Campbell

A lawyer who knows cycling

Before Bo Campbell was a bike accident lawyer, he was an avid cyclist. He still rides as much as he can. A member of the Greenville Spinners and the Palmetto Cycling Coalition, Bo regularly bikes with friends.  So whenever a cyclist is injured or killed because of the recklessness of a driver, it both angers and saddens Bo. He takes it personally. Law is a business, but there are cases and there are causes. Helping cyclists and their families get justice is one of Bo’s causes.

Drivers are responsible for preventing bike accidents

Preventing bike accidents is the first order of business. South Carolina has laws intended to prevent injury and harassment of cyclists, whether it be those who are doing it competitively or casually. To review the most important South Carolina biking laws that you should be aware of, follow this link to S.C. Bike Laws.

In addition to these state statutes, the common law of negligence and gross negligence applies. If a driver fails to exercise reasonable care and hit someone riding a bike, that person is liable for the damages they cause.

Bo Campbell has represented cyclists and their families and has recovered damages caused by the negligence of others.  If you are looking for an experienced lawyer who truly understands and cares about those injured in bike accidents, call Bo Campbell at the Horton Law Firm: 864.233.4351.