Representing employees in employment matters can be a tough way to make a living.  Laws are written by employers and for employers.  However, South Carolina Employment Lawyer, Andy Arnold, has practiced employment litigation for 24 years.  He has a track record of success.  Andy knows the law and his way around the courtroom.  The employment lawyers at Horton Law Firm handle a variety of employment matters, including age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, non-compete cases, and cases involving failure to pay wages, commissions and bonuses.

Andy Arnold is a recent addition to the Horton team; after just two years in a national labor law firm, Andy started his own law practice at age 26. For the next 22 years, Andy represented individuals with employment law claims, trying and prevailing on discrimination claims, wrongful discharge claims, unpaid wage claims, and non-compete cases.  However, he wanted to grow his practice and focus more on the practice of law (as opposed to the business of law), and so he joined Horton Law Firm as its lead litigator. Employment law is still a focus of his practice.

It is important to note that modern employment law is rooted in the law of “master and servant.” The truth is that most employees do not have a remedy in the discharge context, but there are a several instances where the law does provide protection.  When it is clear that there is no path to a legal remedy, Horton Law Firm does not waste your time or money.  However, when it is not so clear, Andy or one of our employment lawyers can review the facts of your situation, conduct any necessary legal research, and give you honest counsel.

A Greenville Employment Lawyer Who’s Trial-Ready

Not every employment matter requires a courtroom to get a fair outcome. Negotiation can lead to fair results with less of an investment of time and money. However, if you want your employer to take you seriously, you want an employment lawyer with litigation experience and a track record of success.  This is the Horton Law Firm’s employment litigation team’s value added:  We have tried employment cases in state and federal courts — successfully.  A veteran employment litigator with all the necessary resources at his disposal, Andy will provide you with high-quality representation for a reasonable fee.

Our practice areas include:

Representing Greenville Individuals and Locally Owned Businesses Just Like You.

If you face issues of unpaid wages, unpaid commissions, unlawful discrimination, noncompete enforcement, sexual harassment or wrongful discharge, then contact Horton Law Firm and get your matter reviewed by experienced employment litigators located in downtown Greenville.

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