Certified mediators in Greenville

Litigation can be expensive. People often benefit from having an opportunity to resolve their disputes outside of a courtroom before incurring the expense and trouble of long-lasting litigation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties involved in the case meet with a neutral third-party—a trained mediator—in an effort to settle their conflict. Horton Law Firm has three certified mediators on its roster who help individuals represented by lawyers settle their cases.

What does a mediator do?

It is the professional mediator’s job to help the parties understand each other’s viewpoint, facilitate negotiation and find a solution that all can live with. The mediator manages the negotiation, helps the parties evaluate risks, and offer alternative methods of negotiating when the trading of offers breaks down.  The goal of mediation is for each party to take control of the resolution of their cases instead of rolling the dice on a judge and jury. However, every successful mediation starts with a skillful and experienced mediator.

The best mediators are those with experience in the areas of law that are the subject of the dispute. Horton Law Firm shareholders Mike Farry, Bo Campbell and Andy Arnold are certified mediators with decades of experience resolving cases as mediators and as litigators. We have served as mediators in issues of:

  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Real estate and business disputes
  • Personal injury cases
  • Property law disputes
  • Employment law matters

Horton’s mediators also have the integrity and patience to assist in the fair and efficient resolution of your legal problems.

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