Horton Law Firm has served as general counsel to the Housing Authority of City of Greenville, SC, advising the Housing Authority on all areas of housing authority law, since the early 1970s.  Horton appreciates that the Housing Authority’s important work is driven by HUD’s fundamental mandate “to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.”

Horton shareholder and Housing Authority Attorney Bo Campbell has over 13 years of experience representing the Authority and has served as general counsel to the Board of Commissioners of the Authority at all Board meetings and executive sessions, in responding to all FIOA requests, in addressing conflict of interest issues, matters of parliamentary procedure, and other general legal issues. Bo has also represented the Authority in South Carolina’s administrative, magistrate, State and Federal courts in various contested cases, including construction and labor law disputes, landlord-tenant matters.  He has addressed various HUD regulatory and legal issues, and has negotiated and drafted easements and dwelling leases, Section 8 and vendor contracts, and cooperation agreements with local governmental entities. Bo (along with his partner Tommy Dugas) recently represented the Authority in multiple complex mixed-finance and bond-financed redevelopment transactions which have resulted in hundreds of new and renovated affordable housing units in the City of Greenville, SC.